The Perfect Employee


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A large population of India is working as employees in private sector. There are different benefits and challenges of different jobs. One thing is sure that the jobs in private sector are always insecure. The mistake most employees do is they start enjoying life as soon as they get into working. In few years they also plan for a married life and children which is a big life long responsibility.

In life everybody has to face ups and downs, specially with financial conditions. Again one thing is sure that everybody has to live many years after the last salary.

Timely Investment Planning can play a great role in anybody's life. A small part of monthly salary like 5% to 20% saved regularly and invested in stock market for few years can create wealth as well as financial security for hard times. It also gives confidence to negotiate or change a job for betterment. One should not forget that money can earn money better than human beings thats why it is said that Investment is the most favourite word of successful people.

So, one should plan one's investment journey as soon as possible based on fundamental research and try to achieve financial freedom to enjoy work and life both in coming days.

This is the mantra of a perfect employee.

Remember, "Not Knowledge but Understanding works in life."

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